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As a licensed Psychotherapist and certified Health & Wellness Coach, I find that many of my clients have poor diets and suffer from symptoms that I believe to be related to nutrition. Many who come to see me for depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and poor self esteem tend to also make food and lifestyle choices that contribute to those symptoms. 

My therapeutic practice aims to bring to light the associations between diet, stress, support systems & resources, life experiences, and family history, and how YOUR body, mind, and spirit has been effective

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Nichelle Alderson, MSW, LICSW || Nutritional Therapist

By integrating nutritional therapy into my practice, I am now able to help my counseling clients reach their mental health and wellness goals in ways that far surpass talk therapy alone.  I am also now open to work with individuals, couples and families who are specifically seeking nutritional therapy as an alternative or compliment to Western medicine.  
As a health enthusiast, I spend much of my free time studying and sharing information about nutrition.  I’ve had a strong and instinctual interest in food and its impact on the body and the mind and have struggled with food allergies and dietary restrictions since childhood. I am very aware of benefits and effects that food has the mind and body, especially for members of my African American community.  Nutrition has played a tremendous role in balancing my own physical and mental health needs over the years, and I hope to become a catalyst for others whom I interact with.

I provide a holistic treatment plan that takes diet, nutrition, and culture into consideration. I also offer nutrition focused workshops and groups with the intention of building and strengthening community awareness around health and wellness related issues.  

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